Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I must start with: What an absolutely, beautiful, gorgeous, Washington FEBRUARY day! Days like this just make me so happy, productive, motivated, and just plain cheery!

My week was started off absolutely, splendidly by a great Valentine's weekend. My husband and I have not always been the biggest fans of Valentine's day but I think this year finally taught up the true meaning of just taking a day (or two) to thoroughly enjoy the person you love and catch up on some well-deserved time together. No, it is not about the "Hallmark" mumbo jumbo, cards, candy, etc., it is about being together, and that is just what we did. Now, the surprise fondue pot and dinner wasn't to shabby either! ;)

Now, onto the rest of the week, I continued my path of trying to find what was best for me to be doing in the next, well at least 6 months, and that is to continue my serving job at Anthony's. I am not going back to school in the fall, I am not looking for a part time job, I am going to allow for my schedule to be flexible for the sake of my husband's job so we are able to enjoy our life together. We have four trips planned this year, San Antonio (twice), NY/Washington, D.C. and San Diego. Keeping my job at Anthony's will most definitely allow for me to take those trips and still be able to make money.

Because of this decision, I am committed to be a better housekeeper, a more supportive wife, and throwing myself more into home projects and finding a hobby. Can't wait to get some yard work done this weekend and to see what our garden will turn into this year.

I am very happy with the decisions we have made in the past couple of weeks and even more excited for this beautiful weather to get here and stay here!