Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Marriage is a funny thing. The fact that you commit yourself to one person for the rest of your life, promise to love and respect each other, to always stand by one another's side and all of this through "sickness and health." I am surrounded by many married couples-some married for a few years, some married for a few decades and I think it is SO interesting to study each couple. It is interesting to me to see the ins and outs of the couple while they are amongst others but it is also interesting to think that they probably interact much differently in private.

I absolutely love the idea of having my partner for the rest of my life. To know that he will be there no matter what, to know that he knows be better than anyone (and still loves me :) ), and to know that we will continue to learn and evolve together.

After spending the week with Ben's family in San Francisco last week celebrating his parent's 30th anniversary, it seems natural to me that these thoughts of what makes a lasting relationship, what characteristics of a relationship endure time, and how to keep love alive would arise.

Things I am thankful for in my marriage and what I have learned in 10 1/2 months of being married:
-We need time--whether it be a sit down dinner, time sitting on the couch, a walk or sitting on the back patio--to reconnect if we have been having opposite schedules, otherwise we get short with each other.

-Small words of support and encouragement go a long way.

-After months of Ben going to bed without me (due to work), going to bed together is the best feeling in the world.

-I am in the process of learning patience with myself and it reflects into how I can apologize and admit if I am wrong.

-I love being a wife.

So much more to learn in this life and it is so interesting to realize that there is actual effort that goes into a marriage. We cannot just go on everyday thinking it will play itself out because if we let that happen, we drift apart and don't connect. Keeping in communication and taking time for ourselves is so important and I cherish those times.

Happy Wednesday!