Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stuffed Veggies are Delish

A couple of weeks ago I really didn't feel like making dinner. Ben was working from home and decided to take on the task. We had quite a few zucchini from our garden this year so we were eating them pretty frequently. This particular evening, he made stuffed zucchini. I think there was some sausage, cheese, rice, spices, and maybe some onion and garlic involved. It was delicious. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture.

I was reading through some blogs and came across Little Miss Momma's dinner party {how beautiful is this party by the way?}she and a friend hosted and got a wonderful idea to make stuffed peppers.

For mine, I cooked a wild rice box mix, cooked sausage, onions and garlic together. I added the cooked rice and some goat cheese into the mix. While all this was going on, I had been roasting the hollowed out green bell peppers for about 20 minutes on 400 degrees. I took the peppers out, stuffed 'em with the mix and back in the oven they went for about another 20 minutes. You'll know when they are sizzling if they are ready.

Yum. They were good and I enjoyed trying something a lil' different but really easy. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you try a new recipe, get a whole bunch of new ingredients, it takes forever and then its just okay, you know? Anyway, try they peppers, they are good. And, the best part is that you can pretty much put whatever you want in them!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Furniture Face Lift

Throughout the whole process of "filling" up the baby room with the "essentials"--you know, crib, chair, changing table/dresser, etc.--we haven't been super picky about things and really appreciate loaners, reused furniture and our find that we are pretty proud of, the dresser/changing table. We found it at a garage sale a few months ago and it took us me quite awhile to decide on a color. I couldn't decide if I wanted it to be really matchy, matchy with the bedding, look closer to the wood of the crib, be a neutral white or cream...so many possibilities, really. Then when I finally get a color in my head it's like, okay, what flavor of blue, green, orange, etc. There are a million of each. Maybe even a million and five. I don't know--a lot. It's a big decision.

Ben was pretty patient through my back and forth ordeal but finally I think he was itching for a project so he kind of forced me into going to Lowe's. Well, forced is a strong word but I was definitely dragging my feet. If there was anything I didn't need at this point it was to be faced with "the wall of color." However, it was better than I anticipated and it didn't take too long to come to a decision. Ben is a good decision maker. He's also easy on the eyes.

Back to the furniture.

Sorry about the poor cell phone picture but I just wanted to get a before picture because I have a tendency to forget that step. Also, it obviously has drawers but they had been taken out for transportation purposes.

We Ben gave her a little love and at first we were definitely nervous. What if the color is not what we expect? What if it turns out neon-ish? We think it's the perfect color but what if we are sent back to the drawing board?! Well after applying two coats of Valspar Greenhouse Tint, getting some cheap-o wooden knobs and spray painting them Valspar Berry in gloss, here is what we came up with.

I admit, it does look a little neon in the picture, but I promise it doesn't in real life. We absolutely love it. It may look like quirky colors to you now, but once you see the whole room, I think you'll agree that it fits perfectly. Well, and if you don't agree, I guess that's fine too because we are the ones that will be housing our girl in here!

We also repainted a nightstand to set next to the chair in the room to have a place to set things like a water glass, a book, our head when we get really tired from night-feedings...just kidding...I think.
We are very excited about the progress of the room. So much that I think the family shower that is being thrown for me will be at our house so that everyone can see the progress. There won't be too many people and I think it will be fun to show them.

Just for fun, here is how Holly lounges in the baby's room:

Are you re-doing any furniture lately? Do you get nervous before you paint something? Does your dog lay like a frog?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

28 and 29 Weeks

Into the third trimester we are. Can't believe it. Last week I had my glucose screening and everything came out great. The test in itself is obviously not great, however, the results were good and that's all that matters. Ben came with me and sat through the two hour test which was obviously very nice.

This week BabyCenter tells us that she is approximately 2 1/2 pounds and around 15 inches long. In the third trimester, muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and the brain continues to grow and develop.

Over the past few days I have really been feeling some round ligament pain in my belly. It feels like a big bruise and can even be tender to touch at times. Not too comfortable. I can also feel now when the Braxton Hicks are  coming on my feeling a tightening. Still no pain associated with those though.

I have gotten a couple of homemade gifts from some customers which is really sweet. It's fun to see everyone get so excited over a baby especially people whom I only know through work.

I am so comfortable when I wear my maternity jeans and my friend let me borrow some of her tops. It really is amazing how much more comfortable clothes that are designed for a pregnant body are!

Sleep is kind of hit and miss these days. Some nights are good and some nights I wake up a lot. I still only use the bathroom a couple of times a night but I am getting tired of side-sleeping. It is better when I put two pillows end to end and use them like a body pillow. More support.

I got a prenatal massage on Monday and it was wonderful So relaxing, I really didn't want it to end at an hour!

Her movement seems like it's changing everyday. I am feeling her in different spots that I had been previously. At our appointment last week, Darlene pointed out where he head was so sometimes I feel her head poking out one side of my belly while her feet kick on the other. It's pretty amazing. I can also feel her movements against or effecting my bladder sometimes. That is a weird feeling.

Three of my close friends had had their babies in the last couple of weeks. It is so fun to see all the new babies and hear everyone's experiences. It is pretty crazy how everyone's experience can be so different but the outcome is the same--darling babies!

All in all, the past couple of weeks have gone by pretty quickly which I kind of anticipate for the next couple also.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well it's hump day yet again and I am linking up to this kind of love for the fun mid-week post.

I am loving that we are having salmon for dinner tonight. Lately it has been sounding really good to me and since my parents got some in Alaska this summer, we get to enjoy it here and there.
I am loving that two of my BFFs have had their babies in the past two weeks. It is just so amazing {for many different reasons} that we all became pregnant around the same time and now it is time to welcome the babies!
All preggos together!
I am loving these Pinterest finds:
I am loving that we switched one baby registry from Target to Amazon. Target kind of irked me when our registry got deleted when their website changed. Not cool. Hooray for Amazon and their cheaper prices and very easy to use registry!
And...I love my handsome husband!

Head on over and link up if you need to declare your loves this week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why do I Let Others Ruffle my Feathers?

So in my very professional line of work, I deal with A-LOT of people on a daily basis. I never really took that into account when I got pregnant. The fact that all day, every day I hear the same comments about being pregnant.

"How are you feeling?"
"You look so small."
"You look great."
"When are you due?"
"How long are you going to work for?"
"Oh, when I had my baby...{insert very detailed accounts of every woman's birth story}"

Don't get me wrong, obviously these are really normal questions to ask a pregnant lady but hearing the same thing all day, every day gets a little repetitive. Even my co-worker who is no where near pregnant is beginning to feel my pain. I mean she even went so far as to post this on my Facebook:
I am not a Negative Nelly, I promise, the days and comments are just a little redundant.

So, the point of my story today.

A lady pulls up, orders her drink and asks when my baby is due. The rest of the conversation goes like this.
Me: December 6th.
Negative Nelly Customer (NNC): Oh are you delivering over at {local hospital}?
Me: No, actually I am going to the Birth Center over on {street name}.
NNC: Is this your first?
Me: Yes.
NNC: {With a sideways glance and a slight eyeroll} Oook. {Pause} I deliver babies at the hospital. All I can say is you better practice.
Me: {Thinking to myself, Practice what, I've never had a baby before} What do you mean?
NNC: I mean just practice.
Me: Yeah, I think if I get myself in the mindset and stay positive, I can do it {have a natural birth}.
NNC: Well, just practice. And is it a husband or boyfriend?
Me: {WTF, lady, first of all I don't think that's your business, but I will be polite because you're my customer.} Husband.
NNC: Well, just be prepared because he may not react like you expect either. They freak out sometimes and just go hide in a corner.
Me: {Where did this broad come from?!} Any other advice? {Did I seriously just ask that?}
NNC: Just stay active. In the end a lot of women just become couch potatoes.
Me: Well I don't plan on that.
NNC: Well it just gets really hard toward the end and your hips hurt really bad and it is really hard to walk around. So just stay active.
Me: Well, have a nice day.

Ok. I don't know if it's just me but is she for real?! I just don't think there was a way for her to be less encouraging. And she delivers babies?! I didn't clarify whether she is a doctor or nurse but either way I am very, and I repeat, very glad she ain't deliverin' my baby. I have had some mixed responses on the whole natural childbirth decision but, I am sorry, I just think it's downright rude to tsk tsk a woman's decision on her birth. Just because I'm not planning for an epidural does not mean that I roll my eyes and down a woman that wants one. That's the beauty of it, we all have options and the opportunity to make our own decisions. I just hate that women feel the need to pit themselves against each other sometimes. Whether it be over differing opinions on childbirth or jealousy issues. Either way, we should encourage and celebrate each other.

I hate to say it, but if I see that woman again, I may not be able to hold my tongue as well as I did today. Those italicized words above may come out of my mouth.

Anyway, guess that's my rant for the day.

**Again, I in no way, shape or form have anything against hospitals, doctors or nurses. I know they play an integral part in our well-being. I do not have anything against women who choose to have pain medication during childbirth. To each their own. I have made my decision according to what I feel is right for me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Some Monday Mumblings...

This past weekend was Ben's birthday. We celebrated doing just what we like to do. Started the morning with a big breakfast, relaxed, Skyped with Ben's parents and he opened the gift from them which was a new camera {yay!}, watched college football, I made a dessert and then my parents came over for homemade fish and chips {sweet potato fries} and coleslaw. Overall it was a nice day at home and time spent with my hubs. Happy 27th Birthday, Ben!
Fryin' sweet potatoes

Isn't he cute?

I found this dessert recipe on Pinterest and when I saw it and read the recipe it sounded like a really good idea. However, after eating it, it may not have been a good idea. It was really good. Just really, really heavy and rich. But, by all means, give it a whirl if you are brave. And have a really strong heart!

I feel like the fall and winter months put me much more in the mood for cooking hot or more involved dinners. What else is there to do when it is just rainy and dreary out?!
This is the Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta. She made it last weekend on her show. I am still a little undecided on her show. I want to like it because I love her blog, her cookbook and the starting of her love story that I have read. However, I am feeling like her show is just a little forced. Her family is super cute and I love their ranch but it all just kind of looks too staged. Hopefully she finds her comfort zone on TV and gets into a groove. Big props to her for even trying though. No way I could just jump on TV like that and put myself out there for everyone to see!

I finally finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I really liked it and they were all a quick, easy read. Very entertaining and good for some light reading.
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

I am sad that Big Brother is over, as I always am at the end of summer but I am excited for new seasons of shows to start.
Ben and I love this show. It is funny, entertaining and it gives us both a good laugh every Wednesday.
We actually started watching this show just because it was on before Modern Family but then started liking it as well.
I admit, Ben doesn't watch this show with me. However, I love it and it makes me wish I had more brothers and sisters.
I have watched this show since the beginning. It has become a little embarrassing because the show has gotten quite out of hand and is pretty unrealistic at times. However, it is still entertaining. This is the last season so obviously I have to tune in to see what becomes of all these bored housewives.

Pretty random post but that's what's goin' down around here. Read any good books lately? What are your favorite shows in the fall lineup? How many desserts do you get sucked into on Pinterest?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I know I'm a little late to chime in today but I am linking up over at this kind of love again. It's definitely fun to focus on all the loves we can have in a week!

I am obsessing loving my maternity jeans I got yesterday. Seriously the most comfortable pants I have ever owned.
Secret Fit Belly(tm) Super Stretch Boot Cut Maternity Jeans
I am loving that I have put out a few fall decorations. I am trying to hold out until next week to go all out.
fall decorations
I am loving ice cream. In a bowl, in a sandwich, in the blender, on a cone. In all forms.
ice cream!!!
I am loving that we are making homemade fish and chips for Ben's birthday this weekend. Should be yummy!
Picture of Beer Battered Codwich Sliders Recipe
Picture of Sweet Potato Fries Recipe
{Click the Source links for the recipes}
I am loving that I am finally getting to see The Help tomorrow.
I am loving my husband. He is the best.
What do you love this week? Go ahead and link up!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Weekend at the Coast

This past weekend we traveled a little south and a little west to end up at a small Oregon coast town staying in a hotel with three other couples. We each had our own room which was a little different than the vacation last year with this same group where we stayed in a house together.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and just kind of got settled and waited for everyone to arrive. We went down to the beach even though it was pretty windy and not too sunny out. Once everyone had arrived, we headed out to a famous chowder and seafood house for dinner. I ended up hitting the hay pretty early that night after getting up too early in the morning and the long car ride.

Friday morning we were up early and headed to the outlet mall that was nearby. Ben scored on a great deal for some new work pants and we also got some items for our baby at the Carter's outlet. Very fun. We then met up with one of the other couples and their three month old and visited a light house. It was really neat and we even got to go to the top, however we couldn't really wander around the the lighthouse very much because it was incredibly windy. We headed back and got some really good pizza on the way and then met up with everyone else. The boys started a washers tournament and we all just kind of relaxed. We then made some dinner and hung out after dinner.

Not sure what made me want to take this pic

Hub at the top of the lighthouse

Saturday morning a couple of the girls and I went back to the outlets to wander around for a bit. Once we got back, we got some lunch and it was much sunnier this day. The boys continued their washers tournament and then decided to hold the championship game down at the beach because the "losers" were to jump in the ocean so they wanted to be able to run right in. It was nice down at the beach for most of the time and then the wind picked up a little more. We watched them get in the ocean which is not a warm ocean and then we all headed back so they could warm up.
Washers championship game

Relaxing in the sand

One of the couples who is neither pregnant or has a baby made up a game for the other couples who are either pregnant or have a new baby that had categories mirroring TV shows such as "Baby Naming with the Stars," "Don't Forget the Babies," "Shop 'til You Pop," and "The Newlyparents Game." It was really fun and they had come up with some great questions. We were all laughing pretty hard through most of the game. We all ate some dinner and then I turned in early again.
The hosts of the game "So You Think
You Can Have a Baby"
Ben and I were up and out the door early in the morning after not getting much sleep due to some noisy neighbors in the middle of the night. This was definitely a nice getaway and so nice to spend some quality time with the hub. It was definitely a different type of vacation than we took with this group to San Diego last year where no one was pregnant and there was no new baby. We went a little crazier in the libation and partying department. This year was different in a good way as I'm sure next year will be with three little ones along!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


September 11 to me is now a somber day. There hasn't been an hour that has gone by today that I have not thought about New York, the Pentagon, Pennsylvania and the thousands of Americans that the fateful day effected.

Remembering back a decade, I was a junior in high school. I remember glancing over at the news and seeing some clips of what was going on but it wasn't registering because I was eating breakfast and rushing out the door to school. It wasn't until I walked into my history class and saw my teacher that I realized what had happened was bad. Horrible. After school, talking to my mom, I remember her crying. Us talking about the severity of the situation and how devastating the events were.

Almost 10 years later, I visited Ground Zero. This past June when Ben and I traveled to the east coast, we went to Ground Zero. The memorial was still under construction however, being in that exact area took my breath away. All the emotions came rushing back from what I had felt and thought about 10 years before. After seeing the memorial revealed on television today, I think what they did with the space is beautiful. And just right.

To this day, seeing before and after photos or images of the New York skyline still makes me remember. Seeing any article about survivors or children who never met they dads because they died that day while the mothers were pregnant, seeing "FDNY" anywhere makes me remember.

That is what matters. Is that we remember. We continue to remember why we still have our freedom and be thankful everyday for the men and women who put their lives at risk for our safety and freedom.

God Bless America.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

We are here, enjoying this:
Happy Friday and I hope you and yours have a fab weekend as well!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

27 Weeks

Wow, seriously feels like I just wrote the post of 26 weeks! Well, I guess I was a little late on that one so I guess that makes sense. Anyhow, almost into my third trimester and it feels like the daily growth of the belly has begun.

Baby Center gave us a little bit of weird information this week. It said if our baby was born right now, her lungs would most likely function with a lot of medical help. Which I guess is just to tell us how developed her lungs are but also how far they have to go to be fully developed. Stay put, little girl! Is all we have to say about that! It also says she is weighing it, on average, at almost two pounds and measures about fourteen and a half inches long when fully extended. Growing so quickly but still so tiny.

I think I have been experiencing a few Braxton Hicks this week. My uterus gets very tight, which feels really weird, but I have no pain at all. Also in the past couple of days I have felt some leg aching. When I stand still for too long, I get an ache down my legs. As long as I move around a little bit, it goes away. I have also been feeling a faint, rhythmic movement which I had a hunch of what it could be and Baby Center confirmed that it is most likely hiccups. So cute!

I don't know why but I have simply no motivation to buy any "maternity" clothes. I am running out of regular clothes that fit me mostly because shirts or tank tops I have are getting too short with the growing bump and obviously any normal waistline pants I have haven't fit for a few weeks now. I walked in Target today and thought I may buy a pair of maternity jeans but I just looked at them and walked away. I think maybe today it is because it is about eighty degrees outside and the thought of wearing jeans is unappealing to me. I will give it a couple more weeks and most likely give in and buy the darn jeans. Heck, it's Washington, it will probably be rainy and cold by next week!

Seems like we are moving right along on nursery progress and I can't wait to post some pictures of some of the updates. I can't decide if I want to post in stages or just one final reveal. Which will obviously be a couple of months. I am trying to save little projects for a month or so from now so that when I start "nesting" I will have some stuff to do. As well as ferociously cleaning the house I guess. Or so I have been told is what happens. I am really excited about the furniture we just put in her room so there may be pictures of that next week.

We are headed out of town today and I am so excited for a few days of rest and relaxation at the beach!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I decided to link up again with this kind of love to voice what I love this week. I enjoyed looking at the other link ups so you should head over and link up as well.

I am loving the fact that we are headed out of town this week {well, tomorrow actually} down to the Oregon coast with three other couples. Games, laughter, relaxation, a beach, a baby and fun!
I am loving that even though we will be out of town, the weather here at home is supposed to approach the 90s! That sure is a nice start to fall if I have ever seen one.
I am loving how much progress we are making on the nursery. Last weekend, Ben finished painting the dresser/changing table, we got some knobs for the drawers and painted those and even acquired a cute, corner shelf. Pictures to come.

I am loving that I only have a two day work week!

I am loving these onesie stickers.
Monthly Baby Onesie Stickers - Watermelon
I am loving this color of Moby wrap that I found. 
What are you loving? Head on over and link up!