Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think it is important for everyone to have goals. Lately I have been feeling a little "goal-less." I have been running again since the beginning of the year. Mostly I started running again last summer to let my dog get some of her energy out and for me to get in a little bit better shape for our wedding. So this year has been a bit more of a challenge to keep myself motivated with it being winter and with no pending wedding. ;) I have a lot of time on my hands lately after deciding I am not going to school in the fall, not trying to get a second, or another, job until September due to some vacations so as of right now, I am planning on doing a triathlon in August. It is a big goal for me because I have never really been known as a committed workout buff since I was in high school and that was mainly because I was doing sports and all of my friends just worked out together! No, this is for no one else, not a team, not a wedding, not my dog, it is for myself and according to the reading I have been doing on triathlons, that is what it has to be about. A commitment to yourself. And I know already that it is a big one. I played my first soccer game in 6 years on Saturday and man, was I sore and tired afterwards. Mind you, again, I have been running regularly since the beginning of the year, but that is quite a bit different than sprint, jog, run into someone, kick the ball, kick the ball harder, etc. for 90 minutes with no girl subs! It was SO much fun though and totally brought back the memories of playing on a team and what great memories those are. So, back to being sore from the game, I decided Monday would be my first attempt in beginning the training (or easing into training) for my triathlon. I loved it! It was great, getting up at 5:45 and being at the pool at 6:15 and swimming for half an hour. It was hard but it felt great to have a low-impact activity to stretch out my sore muscles! Why haven't I always been a "swimmer"?! Needless to say, I have been thinking about the triathlon for about a week and haven't decided against it, so for me that is good. And I have a goal!