Saturday, March 23, 2013

Workout Recap of the Past Couple Weeks

Well, I obviously took a little fall off the blogging wagon for a couple weeks but I am thrilled to report that I did not fall off the workout wagon! Last week we had Ben's family in from Texas for an extra long weekend and even amidst the prep for that and during their visit I managed to still get the workouts in.

I am still following the Revolt Now Fitness workout program and am still loving it. It is quick, intense and I am beginning to see and feel the results. With every workout, now, it seems as though I can tell I am just a bit stronger and have just a bit more stamina.

The other thing I am enjoying is the Facebook feed. Nichole posted the other day that she had listened to some feedback and would be now recording three different levels of workouts for different fitness levels. I think it is so amazing how much time and effort she is putting in to make these results attainable.

I was thinking about the concept of "getting in shape" the other day. I used to want to be toned and skinny and "look good in a bathing suit," -- I mean, yes I still would like all those things -- but I have realized they aren't at the top of my priority list anymore. I have a much different schedule than I used to have and have very limited time to workout. It is nice to be able to carve out just 40 minutes a day for a workout, feel good afterwards and supplement that with healthy eating. There are so many fads out there that promise certain results in a certain amount of time but when I look back at all the workouts I have enjoyed it really just comes down to this: workout, eat healthy and you will get the results. I realize we all have different body types and some obviously see results sooner than later but to me all I care about right now is feeling good. After these workouts I am left feeling energized and like I have actually accomplished something.

At the end of the day I am trying to be healthy for my family and for myself. I guess if some toned triceps come along the way that would be fine too. ;)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 1: Revolt Now Fitness

This past week I have alluded to a new workout regime that I am on and today is the day for our first link-up and the day I am reviewing and talking everything Revolt. When the idea was first put out there to participate in this blogger opportunity I was a little weary. Let's face it, I'm not always the best blogger and more often than not I tend to fall off the wagon. But I inquired and I thought about it and I figured that I am so in the mood and in the right mind frame of getting in shape right now that maybe this was just what I needed to keep me near my blog, hold me accountable and allow me to participate in an awesome program for 6 weeks!

This past week was a little slow going at first and, I'll be honest, I started a day late. I allowed myself to skip the rest day to catch up and here I am, Friday afternoon, and I am feeling great. The workouts are seriously exactly what I look for in a workout. Quick and intense. Let's face it, with my unpredictable sleeper that I have on my hands, I am not always guaranteed some full hour to exercise so I have to hurry to fit them in and usually that means I am looking for a workout in 30-40 minutes or less.

I had also mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my brother was writing me workouts and while I was enjoying them, it has been really nice to workout with a video. As silly as it sounds, I like having Nicole Huntsman in my living room with me. The other amazing thing about Nicole is that she is a mom too! That is the other reason I was so eager to participate in this amazing opportunity in that it is created by a mom for moms. Or whoever else wants to participate.

The nice thing about the website is that, as they workout all the kinks, it has become really user friendly where it is so easy to log on, find our workout of the day and get it done. Also, meals are laid out a week ahead of time for easy grocery shopping, planning and prepping over the weekend. The meals are actually all really realistic and easy. I have to say we eat fairly clean and healthy as it is around here so the "diet" hasn't been much of a shock. I mean, not reaching for the Cadbury eggs has been a little difficult but those can be saved for the cheat day.

So far I am really enjoying this and it really is about a whole body transformation, not just a fad for a few weeks and then I fall off. It is very community oriented too in that there is a Facebook page that allows all the fellow participants a chance to chat and stay connected. I have enjoyed this first five days and hope to continue for the next 5 weeks!
Also wearing my first Brady Band that I love!
I was offered a blogger free trial to the Revolt Now Fitness program however all opinions are honest and my own.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Finish the Sentence Link Up

Holly loves to make Friday posts un-boring so I thought I would join in on the fun for this link up.


1. People always tell me....
To relax. I know right? Not something you want to be told all the time, but obviously it's telling me something!
2. In the movie based on my life...
I can never decide who I want to play me. Is it just an actress I like? Is it someone who I think looks like me? Right at this moment I think I would choose Jennifer Garner. I have gone back and forth over the years of whether I am a fan but I think I really like her. She seems so down to earth and seems like a nice family gal. You know, like me... ;)
3. Typically, I end up regretting....
That extra glass of wine. For some reason, one more glass of wine is never a good idea. An extra beer is ok but a glass of wine can just put me over the edge for the next morning. Yikes!
4. I always ask to leave off the....
Nothing! I'm always an "extra, this or that, please!" kinda girl. Extra mayo, extra olives, extra spicy. Yep.
5. Kim and Kanye really...
Need to get a life? I don't know, I'm not too up on my celeb gossip as of late aside from my dose of PEOPLE mag which has basically been full of award show buzz which I haven't seen much of the Kimye crew in. I know they are havin' a baby. Sweet. Just another heir to the ol' Kardashian Empire, eh?
6. My Parents always reminded me...
of my childhood? I don't think there is something specific they remind me of so I think when I am at their house with them, I am always reminded of growing up. Very fond memories, of course.
7. Every single day I.....
Drink a lot of water. I think I am addicted. Serious. I know a lot of people don't drink a lot of water but I have since I was a teenager. I think once you get started it's just something you crave.
8. This one time in College..
I met this guy...and we started dating, got married and the rest is history... ;)
9. My grossest habit is...
Picking my toenails. I can't really believe I just admitted that because I hate it. And if I was looking at someone else doing it I would be totally grossed out. But I do it. Generally soon after bathing...
10. My latest white lie was...
... I really can't think of one...
11. I know all the words to...
Adele's 'Someone Like You.' And I love to belt it out and imagine I sound just like her. 
12. When I grow up...
I want to do something that gives back. I know that sounds cliche and gives back to what I'm not sure yet but I have always wanted to do something that helps others whether it's kids, homeless, teen moms, something like that. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
13. Sexy time is... 
Whenever one isn't to tired to coax the other...{Sorry MIL!} ;)
14. I will never, ever...
Jump out of an airplane. I'm not sure if I ever would have but now that I have a child things like that terrify me even more. No risky biz for this mama!
15. I think it's hilarious...
When Eleanor laughs at hers {and now other peoples'} "toots." I have never really been one for "potty humor" but I think now with a child things could get pretty laughable.

That was fun! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Turned it Around

I am feeling much more upbeat that what I let on yesterday. We all have those days that we get a little down and out and I am just trying to make those fewer and farther between. Pick it back up and keep on keepin' on.

The upswing actually started Monday night when Ben suggested that we paint our dining room chairs and put another coat of finish on the dining room table after putting Eleanor down rather than assuming our normal TV viewing positions on the couch. Usually after Eleanor is down, all I want to do is collapse and veg out. I hate that. I want to complete projects and feel productive but usually my tired side wins out. I was happy he suggested this and it also gives us that extra hour to visit rather than zone out to our current show: The West Wing. It felt good to accomplish something. I want to find time for more small projects like this!

So then I had my hum drum morning yesterday but then I got E down for a nap and I did my first workout in the Revolt Now Fitness Challenge. I got to take Eleanor to a family friend's little hobby farm and let her meet their new baby goats. They were so adorable and Eleanor just loved them.

We got home, ate lunch and proceeded to read 835 a lot of books. She was being very stubborn and not going down for another nap which was strange because she had gotten up so early, only slept for an hour in the morning and played outside so I thought she was really tired. My mom stopped by, got her down for about an hour and then Ben got home.

The evening was good, E fought going down for bedtime which was frustrating and then we relaxed for a bit.

All in all, I am realizing that my attitude and days are what I make of them. When I am feeling down I am learning to put more effort into picking myself up. E doesn't deserve to have a mother who is frustrated and down about silly things. She woke up early again this morning, we snuggled watching cartoons for a bit, ate breakfast and headed out to do a little shopping even though it is so gray and rainy today. I just finished another workout while she is napping and even though it is so yucky outside, I feel good.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where is It?

Ugh. I have tucked myself into such a rut since my back spasm! I told myself I wasn't going to let this happen and that given a good week to rest up and let it work itself out that I would be back at the workout routine.

It hasn't happened.

I had such a good thing going, I was staying regular, going slowly but steadily and was feeling stronger and as if I was getting into shape. However, now I find myself making excuses, seeing people doing cleanses, posting workouts and being so proud and I find myself feeling one thing: jealous.

Seriously?! I know. How silly. I need to stop being jealous and kick myself in the butt and get back after it.

I just need to start from the beginning of what I was doing before and build back up. My one motivator right now is the 5k in May. I know it still sounds pretty far away but I know it will be here before I know it and I am going to run the whole thing.

I somehow talked myself out of going to yoga this morning. Silly. If anything it seems that is a good place to start with my back. I am committed to doing some sort of workout this afternoon. No questions, I just have to.

I was feeling so good and had such a great momentum. I also find that when I am working out regularly it motivates me to eat better. When I am not working out, I tend to eat worse. Vicious cycle.

On a positive note, I tried a new product that a friend started selling. It Works wraps are detox wraps that they have for many different body parts but I tried the midsection. I applied it for 45 minutes and am in the process of seeing the results. On the first application they claim you can lose 1-3 inches around so I took my measurements the night I did it and am anxiously awaiting taking them again at the 48 hour mark. I am not usually into stuff like this but they are all natural, fairly inexpensive if the results come out and they have many other products. Maybe losing some inches around is just what I need to kick start me back on the fitness train!

I was given a wrap by my friend but was not asked to blog about it. Opinions are all my own. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday is Here Again

This week has been really great. Ben is actually off work because he starts a new job on Monday! This is a really exciting change for him and our family and we are very excited to see what this next chapter brings. We have been enjoying having him home, getting to do some activities as a family and getting some chores done around the house.

Last week I had a pretty frustrating week as my back problem flared up again. It seems like the pattern has been when I start back running, it flares. I am hoping to just ease back into my workouts because it seems like in the past I just stop working out for months after a flare up and then jump back in and the cycle continues. I haven't really done much for the past week and a half so this week I have slowly done a couple core workouts and am hoping to get back to yoga next week.

A few weeks ago I was invited to be part of a workout program that I was actually really excited about. A lot of it seems like some of the stuff I am already doing but it also includes a meal plan. It is the Revolt Fitness Program and I am excited to get into some of the workouts. I am not promising that I will be following exactly day by day due to my back issues but I will try my best! There isn't anything wrong with some clean eating, which we do a lot of anyway, and some new workout moves invented by a mom right?! I also love that it promotes getting fit in your own home as opposed to spending hours and hours in a gym if we don't have the time. Not that I have anything against gyms. I just, personally, don't have a membership and am always a fan of quick, intense workouts. I think that's why so many of us are fans of the 30 Day Shred. Am I right?!

I feel a little bad about my back last week and then of course on top of that dealing with the ol' lady business this week. I can't say I have been the biggest treat for my husband to hang out with but hey, he's a good sport and hopefully I can buck up for these last couple days of vacation. Speaking of vacation, my in-laws will be coming into town in a couple of weeks and for the weekend we will be venturing back up to our college town to explore, shop around, eat around maybe even venture to the snow.

Speaking of again of college towns, we headed into the city the other night right near where my brother went to college and went to a few bars in celebration of Ben's going away happy hour with his old team. It was fun to feel a little trendy for the night and have a couple drinks with his former co-workers.

This weekend we are hopefully finishing up a few DIY projects we decided to tackle, one of which includes chalkboard paint which I am trying not to use on everything, so hopefully I will be back next week with some pictures of those projects and some more fitness chit chat! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Girly Girl

I know Eleanor is only almost 15 months old but it is so, so sweet to see her budding personality. While we do see things like her gaining independence and being a little stubborn at times--which are all things I know are normal at this age--a few funny things have appeared over the past few months. She loves  to put on skirts and dresses even if just for wandering around the house. I found some dresses in her closet in bigger sizes that had been bought awhile back on sale and was pulling them a little closer to the front and looking at them and she kept trying to pull them on over her head. So on they went and she, quite literally, pranced around, holding out the sides just like a little girly, girl.
She also likes to pose.

Her grandparents gave her a Stella doll for her first Christmas and she has always, well for as long as possible, been a little interested but over the past couple of weeks her interest has turned into a slight obsession. She even says her name. Ls and all! It is seriously so cute. She carries her around, wraps her up, rocks her and my mom had some hand-me-down doll accessories--a stroller and carrier--at her house with no doll so we brought them to our house and low and behold Eleanor now puts Stella in her stroller and pushes her around. 

I totally know that this is all normal for girls and babies but it is just so heart-melting to see it for myself and see the developments of her attachment and interest in certain things. It is interesting too because while I had my fair share of time playing with Barbies, I wouldn't classify myself as a girly, girl. Never wearing a lot of skirts, dresses or even make up in the later years. My best friend has always joked with me that Eleanor could be my complete opposite and just love all these things. I think that would be fun and a new adventure for me. I would never want to discourage any creative interests for her. Being a mom is fun and hopefully I am rubbing off some of my good traits for her care-taking of Stella! ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Me Again

I have a friend who had her baby almost exactly 6 months ahead of when I did. It was nice to chat with her about things, relate to things she was experiencing a little bit before me and then when I got to that point even be able to have her go back and say, "oh yes, that happened to me/us too."

I distinctly remember her telling me that she did not feel "normal" until her baby was about six months old. I kept holding onto that through those hard, grueling, tiresome first few months. All the way up until six months. I didn't feel it. I still wasn't normal. I held out a few more months and then I brought it up to her. She replied with well, yes, I thought it was true but it wasn't until about nine months.

I kept holding out. There would be better days than others. However, I still wasn't myself. I would complain about it. I knew it. I knew I was crazy, emotional, hormonal and overwhelmed, I just didn't know what to do about it.

Fast forward again to Eleanor's birthday party and my friend and I were talking again. Oh, Allyce, she said, you really don't feel like yourself again until about 15 months old. 15 months?! Well, that was a far cry from her original 6 month mark and then her 9 month mark. But I laughed and agreed and scolded her for giving me these false hopes. Not really but we did laugh.

The other night we got together, our four couples of friends, without kids and her and I were chatting again. We were talking about her friend who is now in those early months with a three month old and she was telling her that it is all just really weird. A weird time, weird experiences, feeling weird and all that.

We had a great day as a family yesterday complete with a family nap, a walk and a good dinner. I was joking around being my quirky self and Ben was laughing. I turned to him and said, "Hey, isn't this the Allyce you like?" and he replied with, "Ya, she just took a break for awhile and gave all her goodness to her," and pointed down to Eleanor. I totally took that as a compliment.

Over this past year plus I have given my all to Eleanor. It has left little to no time for myself. And what I wasn't giving to Eleanor I was trying to give to my husband. I finally am getting to the point where I feel like I am back. So, these bench marks of when we feel normal again as mothers are different for everyone and for some it is just a new normal to get used to. I also feel like it is easier now that Eleanor is to the point where she can be a little more independent playing while I make dinner or able to quietly ride in her stroller while I run. I also don't feel a panic come over when I do leave her for a few hours or even overnight. All of this is okay and I know it is a good balance to be a mom but also to be me and be a wife.

Will I do everything the exact same with a second baby? I can't say. I will always be a mom that does what feels right for us at the time. Have I learned a few things on this first go around? Well, you betcha. I have also learned that it is okay if I am not doing the exact same thing as every other mother out there. Eleanor is my baby and I am her mother. That's really all that matters even if it did take me almost 15 months to get back to that quirky self of mine.

Go ahead and link up with Becky to share what's on your heart today.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What's in Yo' Fridge Link Up


So, Holly is so awesome that she comes up with super cool link-ups on Fridays like a tell all of what's in our fridge. What better way to make friends than to take a peek in their fridge?!

Anyway, I decided to play along and do a nice lil' reveal. As you can see, apparently our fridge light is like a spotlight.
Some necessities that we always have in stock are: eggs, milk or coconut milk, yogurt, cheese, condiments and fresh produce. We are a condiment family. Ben's side of the family is especially. My family mostly just appreciates a good jar of may. Or food lube as my dad calls it. I know. So we always have salad dressings, asian sauces, sandwich condiments, bbq sauce, ketchup, those sorts of things.

Fresh produce now includes our organic produce home delivery. How much more hippie/confused yuppie can we get?! Well, we are trying it out to see if the cost, convenience, and quality all make sense. Our first delivery was yesterday so that is why there are so many fruits and veggies in there. And no the bottom left is not just full of oranges. There are also pears and apples. And the right drawer isn't just carrots. There is celery, cucumber, peppers, fennel and cauliflower all thanks to our delivery. So far, I like it.

Some randoms that I will buy usually just depend on what's on sale. I see a jar of sun-dried tomatoes down there. That casserole dish is some leftover spinach from the other night. Our pork for our fajitas is in there on the bottom marinating. The big bowl in the middle is leftover salad that we will finish up tonight.

So that's that. Go ahead and play along!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The In-Betweens

I seriously love the age Eleanor is right now. She understands so much, she is getting so much better at expressing herself and what she wants. She is interested in everything and always learning.

The issue I am having is that sometimes I think she is bored. We play with her toys, roam around, she loves to help with chores like the dishwasher and "folding" and putting away laundry. We eat our meals. We try to go outside for walks as much as possible. But I want to make sure I am challenging her or teaching her as much as I can. I feel like a lot of the activities I come up with or can think of are just a little too "old" for her. Baking, putting pipe cleaners in the colander, sorting craft pom poms. I don't want to wish her older, I just wish I could come up with activities that are age appropriate  I mean, I know she is a 14 1/2 month old with little to no attention span but there has to be a few things.

We have found that she loves stickers. So that keeps her attention for a bit. And the girl loves books. I mean like big, puffy, heart lovin'. Books, over and and over. Which I love.

All this aside, Eleanor and I are in a really good place right now. It's not to say that I haven't loved other ages up until now, I just think that some of the previous challenges are starting to fade and my confidence as a mom continues to grow. I find that things I used to stress and agonize over are becoming less of a big deal as time goes on. I try really hard to go with the flow a little more. I think that was kind of an oxymoron. She really is such a good girl. She is happy most of the time. When she isn't I can usually figure out why. Minus the damn teeth! Those little buggers, seriously, come out of no where or take forever, for the love, to come in!

Again, we are really looking forward to nicer weather because I think E will want to live outside. Just like her mama.

Any ideas on good or fun activities for an almost 15 month old are very welcome!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey, Hey...

...It's Friday!

Another week gone by. Some days seem never ending and then all of a sudden here we are meeting with another weekend. Today feels like a good day. We have been having a rough bit of sleep this week because I think little Miss is getting a molar. Or two. Whoever really knows?!

I always do feel just a bit more chipper when the sun is peeking out which it did yesterday afternoon, today and is predicted for the next couple of days. So nice. I just can't stop thinking about how much fun it will be once the nice weather is more frequent for Eleanor to be outside. She loves it outside and I think she is going to be such a fun age for summer this year. Camping, swimming, the zoo, long walks...gahhh, hurry up summer!

Let's not get to far ahead of ourselves. This weekend we are headed out on Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. We are leaving a bit early so Ben and I can have some alone time before we meet up with the group. The month of January is filled with a lot of work hours for him so we are a bit over due on some time out together.

I am already beginning to think about our garden this year and what we will be planting. We tried starts last year and they didn't really work any better than just putting seeds into the ground when the time is right so I think we will just do that. I also didn't do many flowers on account of not having a functioning brain due to lack of sleep so hopefully I can plant some more flowers this year. That will be another fun thing to do with E babe.

I am also trying to decide if I want to forge into some toddler groups for E. I think it would be fun to get her around some more toddlers however, the only hesitation I am having is that the flu is rampant around here right now! I know I can't keep her cooped up all the time, but when there are high-risk situations, i.e. a group full of germ-y kids, I feel I should keep her away. Maybe we should hold out a couple more months until the sickness dies down a bit.

I also wanted to say thank you to Holly for the mention in her post today. I think it is so nice to have those special girls that we connect with and relate to. She reached 1000 followers which is amazing because just a year ago she was lingering around the number of followers I have. I love reading her blog and staying in touch.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{Kind of} Wordless Wednesday

Some Most days...
I can't believe she's mine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The First One is Always the Hardest, Right?

Okay, yes I am probably beating a dead horse but I do feel that accountability from others helps immensely when working out and trying to get fit. Or eating right. Or even trying to quit a bad habit.

So I'm going to talk about it.

I am hoping to do the Color Run in May with a group of girls and, I know, if I had all the time in the world and could run whenever I wanted I would have no problem achieving that goal. However, I have a little shadow in the form of a 30" tall 14 month old that can sometimes put a damper on the workout front. I want to stop letting that be an excuse. I told my brother I wanted to do this and he asked what my goal is. I want to run the whole time. I know run can be a loose term but I just don't want to, at any point, feel like I am walking. So, then they told me about this run at the end of April that you get a doughnut at the finish. Well, I looove me some doughnuts! I may look into that one as well.

Anyhow. He sent me my workout today and I strapped E into the Bob, told her to be a good little running partner and she was. Me, however, I was a kind of embarrassing running partner. I was huffing and puffing and barely lifting my legs because they felt like they weighed about ten pounds each! Mind you, I am down pretty far in weight but I am out. of. shape. The bro sent me a walk/run 20 minute workout which I picture to be similar to what the C25k is. So it was good, I completed it. I just felt like I was going to die.

Mind you all. I don't know if a 45 degree, damp day, pushing my 22 lb. babe was probably the best idea. Oh well, I figure it can't get much more challenging from there, right?!

I am happy to have started the road. It could be a long road. But that's okay. I'll get there. I think for awhile I was using every excuse in the book to not work out. I'm tired. I have no time. I'm always nursing. I have no time. I'll probably get pregnant again this year so what's the use in getting in shape if I'm going to gain weight again?

Well. While all of those excuses comforted me for about a year I finally realized, OH WELL! So what if I'm tired, working out or a little exercise gives me a little more energy and helps me sleep better at night. Time? Give me 20 minutes and I can accomplish some sort of body movement. I am still nursing but only at bedtime so that has helped in that area. And pregnancy?! Pshhh, if I do, I do and then I'll be one step ahead in a healthy pregnancy!

So there we have it. Day 1 of the road to a 5K for this mama.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do You Yoga?

I mentioned in my last post how Ben got me some yoga classes for Christmas. I have always wanted to like yoga but have never really gotten into it. I did a few Bikram classes when I was in college which I really liked but then fell away from because I couldn't justify the cost. Over the years I have done a video here or there, or some On Demand stuff but never really stuck with it


Going to classes has been so great. I have yet to go to a hot yoga class at this gym, but the regular classes I have been going to have been great, mind-clearing and really just what I need to each week. I have really allowed myself to, I know this sounds so yoga-ish, but to clear my mind and just be in the moment with my body. It is an hour to myself where I can just focus on my body and what is going on. I have never been at a point in my life like I am now where I feel like I have a lot of noise. Do you know what I mean? Just like, always having to get something done, take care of something/someone, catch up on this or that. I am so glad my husband did this for me and so glad I am actually taking the time to enjoy it. 

I have only been three times but I am hoping to up it to twice a week since I have only been managing to make it to one. It sounds so silly, even to me, but I can tell such a difference throughout the rest of the day that I had gone to class. 

I think it also helps I am doing a few other things here or there, just 20-30 minutes a day in my living room to strengthen my body. I definitely lost all the baby weight but with that and nursing, I also have managed to lose a lot of muscle with basically no working out over the past year. There have been a few weeks here or there where I get into kicks but I hope this yoga is longer than a kick. I hope that these ten classes really give me that jump start that I need and that whether I keep going to class, which I definitely hope to do because there is just something to be said for getting out of the house and spending time for myself, or just get a good video that I like, I really hope to keep going because--it just feels good to feel good.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Almost February?!

What a couple of months we have had. December came and went in a hurry with Eleanor's first birthday, a trip to San Antonio for ten days over Christmas and back to Washington to ring in the New Year!

Oh yes, her hair is still wild.
We were home for a couple of weeks in January and then my mom, E and I took off for sunny Arizona to spend a week at my aunt's house. Yes, we sadly left Dad behind to work and even though it was very hard to be away and hard for him to not have his girls home, it seemed like it was for the best because was putting in some ridiculous hours. Oh, the life of a CPA.

Hopefully he is on the downswing of things and we can get back into our groove around here.

Travelling with a baby was, yes, I really am going to admit this--not as horrendous as I had anticipated. Of all the four flights there was only one that was super challenging and of course it was the longest flight that was oh, so perfectly right around her bedtime. Although there was no endless screaming, thankfully, she was just a squirmy, tired mess. Ah, well, we survived and apparently it wasn't too hard because we did it again!

This girl, I tell ya, is just amazing. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by and how much she grows and changes everyday. She is such a toddler now and although I still see her as my baby, she proves daily that she is moving at a fast rate into toddler-hood and being such a big girl.

She is beginning to say quite a few words. She definitely mimics everything. Her words right now include:
mama {or mostly, mum}
nigh nigh
mah {more}
beh {bird}
buh {book}
bah {bath}
ah-pa {Opa}
di-puh {diaper}

I know, I know, most of these just look like different sounds, but I want to remember how well she was associating her words with actual things and differentiating sounds. And, I'm her mom, right? So I speak her language fluently. Or at least I try.

On the personal front, I have really started to make an effort at working out. My brother has been sending me workouts so that if I can magically get E to stay in her crib for at least thirty minutes of her nap, I can get something accomplished. It is amazing what just a quick twenty minutes of abs and strength can do. Ben also got me ten yoga classes for Christmas of which I can use for regular or hot yoga. I always thought I was partial to hot yoga, but I have been to two regular and it turns out I love it too! I can also use the gym on days that I go in for a class so I will see about that. It is really amazing how much better I feel when I get a little alone time or do something active.

My one, main goal for the year, no I am not calling it a resolution, is to meal plan. I am usually good at stocking up on groceries and try to get good deals, but then once five o clock is all of a sudden upon us, funny how that happens everyday, I draw a blank as to what to throw together. So, we end up eating a lot of the same meals on a semi-regular rotation. Well, I have had it with that and am trying to get better. Even if it's searching through the cabinets and freezer at the beginning of the week, I want to write down each day what we will have so I don't have to think about it. I also want to go through the 14,000 3 magazine subscriptions my grandma has gotten me {well, I actually get three separate and then the same one three times. How's that math for ya?} and try some new recipes. I like simple recipes that use pretty standard ingredients so that's what I look for.

So that's what's up. Not too much detail but a little update. I need to get back here. I still love following along with all my regular reads and I do try to comment when I'm on the regular computer but unfortunately I still do a lot of blog reading on my phone. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that is to come in 2013! ;)