Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Girly Girl

I know Eleanor is only almost 15 months old but it is so, so sweet to see her budding personality. While we do see things like her gaining independence and being a little stubborn at times--which are all things I know are normal at this age--a few funny things have appeared over the past few months. She loves  to put on skirts and dresses even if just for wandering around the house. I found some dresses in her closet in bigger sizes that had been bought awhile back on sale and was pulling them a little closer to the front and looking at them and she kept trying to pull them on over her head. So on they went and she, quite literally, pranced around, holding out the sides just like a little girly, girl.
She also likes to pose.

Her grandparents gave her a Stella doll for her first Christmas and she has always, well for as long as possible, been a little interested but over the past couple of weeks her interest has turned into a slight obsession. She even says her name. Ls and all! It is seriously so cute. She carries her around, wraps her up, rocks her and my mom had some hand-me-down doll accessories--a stroller and carrier--at her house with no doll so we brought them to our house and low and behold Eleanor now puts Stella in her stroller and pushes her around. 

I totally know that this is all normal for girls and babies but it is just so heart-melting to see it for myself and see the developments of her attachment and interest in certain things. It is interesting too because while I had my fair share of time playing with Barbies, I wouldn't classify myself as a girly, girl. Never wearing a lot of skirts, dresses or even make up in the later years. My best friend has always joked with me that Eleanor could be my complete opposite and just love all these things. I think that would be fun and a new adventure for me. I would never want to discourage any creative interests for her. Being a mom is fun and hopefully I am rubbing off some of my good traits for her care-taking of Stella! ;)

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Holly said...

Oh my gosh.. E is so adorable in that little suit. And isn't it so sweet how they know to be little mama's? Olive walks around with hers, patting her behind, saying "nigh nigh."

I die every time.