Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Turned it Around

I am feeling much more upbeat that what I let on yesterday. We all have those days that we get a little down and out and I am just trying to make those fewer and farther between. Pick it back up and keep on keepin' on.

The upswing actually started Monday night when Ben suggested that we paint our dining room chairs and put another coat of finish on the dining room table after putting Eleanor down rather than assuming our normal TV viewing positions on the couch. Usually after Eleanor is down, all I want to do is collapse and veg out. I hate that. I want to complete projects and feel productive but usually my tired side wins out. I was happy he suggested this and it also gives us that extra hour to visit rather than zone out to our current show: The West Wing. It felt good to accomplish something. I want to find time for more small projects like this!

So then I had my hum drum morning yesterday but then I got E down for a nap and I did my first workout in the Revolt Now Fitness Challenge. I got to take Eleanor to a family friend's little hobby farm and let her meet their new baby goats. They were so adorable and Eleanor just loved them.

We got home, ate lunch and proceeded to read 835 a lot of books. She was being very stubborn and not going down for another nap which was strange because she had gotten up so early, only slept for an hour in the morning and played outside so I thought she was really tired. My mom stopped by, got her down for about an hour and then Ben got home.

The evening was good, E fought going down for bedtime which was frustrating and then we relaxed for a bit.

All in all, I am realizing that my attitude and days are what I make of them. When I am feeling down I am learning to put more effort into picking myself up. E doesn't deserve to have a mother who is frustrated and down about silly things. She woke up early again this morning, we snuggled watching cartoons for a bit, ate breakfast and headed out to do a little shopping even though it is so gray and rainy today. I just finished another workout while she is napping and even though it is so yucky outside, I feel good.

Happy Hump Day!

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Holly said...

There's the happy Allyce!! :)